Blog Chapters

Posts on this blog are segmented into chronologically ordered chapters, each leading up to an important event or marking a new construction stage. Using these indexes one can find an entry point (e.g. the first post), and continue reading onwards from there, venturing through posts as if the blog were a book.

Concerns: the starting of the blog, managing my resources, planning for the WGT, conceptualizing outfits, buying materials and getting to know the WordPress platform.
Concerns: progress documentation and fabrication analysis highlighting key steps from selected works, displaying previous creations and expanding the blog into social media.
Concerns: evaluating and establishing post-WGT objectives, developing the blog platform, sharing experiences, showing myself and channeling work towards summertime gatherings.
Concerns: taking on a more professional approach, starting work on prime projects, showing the person behind the creations, gathering new ideas and materials and uncovering previous work.
Concerns: improving the work stations, adding functionality and bringing the blog to standards, designing next year's outfits, committing to extensive garment upgrades and some wild experimentation.
Concerns: setting in the second year of blogging with a fresh start, planning out the 2012 outfits, elaborating on new designs, realizing smaller projects and showcasing a number of new acquisitions.
Concerns: in depth construction reports, introducing new techniques and resources, extrapolating the bigger designs, focus on material propperties, logo design and major blog upgrades.
Concerns: expanding the creative field, brand name manifestation, developing both darker and more fashion-oriented designs, instating the atelier, introducing Coalescaremonium
Concerns: After Coalescaremonium, ongoing outfit design...

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