Collar Interfacing

Flax-fiber collar interfacing, created in two full-bias layers, one a single piece, the other a patchwork of remnants.Never entirely satisfied with the result of the collar on the Cathedral Cape, I decided upon a different approach to the same design, redrawing the curve-lines and adding a central back-seam to better bring it to shape, making a new construction with parts from the old collar supplemented by bits of leftover satin fabric while taking the opportunity to insert a whole new interfacing, adding the rigidity to keep it from collapsing under the pressure of the chin, for which I found solace in a small stock of a rare flax-fiber interfacing, I cut once in full bias and a second time as a patchwork of pieces composed from the remainder of the first cut, looking to preserve as much as possible of this truly exceptional material.


  1. The patches in the second interfacing layer are all scrutinizingly placed in bias as well, using the natural interfacing for giving it a majestically stiffened stance while still making sure to grant the most fluid roll to the collar.

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