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Leisurely Exploration


This year’s was the first of my visits to grant me the time to relax and sit down in one of my favorite places in Leipzig, the Thomaskirche area, where I was now able to scout the sublimely revamped Bach Museum.

Pfingstgef​lüster Shoot

On thursday june 9, I had the opportunity of doing the first official photo-shoot presenting my own designs being photographed by Marcus Rietzsch in the upper hall of the Leipziger Neues Rathaus. The results from this fruitful experience are set to appear printed in the 2011 issue of Pfingstgeflüster, the annual publication documenting the various aspects of the Wave Gotik Treffen, after which they’ll be posted on this website.

The Team, Upper hall Neues Rathaus, Leipzig

Thursday’s Meeting

Thomaskirche Leipzig, shot from next to Bach's StatueAs a number of readers have expressed interest in meeting up before the Wave Gotik Treffen festival takes place, I would like, to not disperse, to welcome those who are interrested to join me for dinner at Auerbachs Keller on thursday.

Auerbach’s keller, situated right in the heart of Leipzig has a beautiful underground restaurant, serving excellent food at very affordable prices for such an amazing atmosphere. Every year the menu is refreshed,  the drinks enlarged and the staff ever so friendly, setting the perfect mood for this once a year vacation.

For the actual meet-up I convey the area in front of the Thomaskirche, where one can easily spot one another and I generally tend to roam on my first day in Leipzig. After paying respects to the old master, we can, perhaps around half past 6, slowly progress towards the Mädlerpassage where we may descend down into the Large Cellar.

The Wächter

The Wachter, guadian in both ring and pendant

Guardian of forgotten treasure, the wächter takes form in both ring and pendant, glaring deep into your soul, with certain contempt, yet bereaved of vigor through its argentate transgression.

The Tailcoat

Tailcoat FrontTailcoat Back

As featured in Thursday’s Secondary Outfit, here shown with a regular boxpleat dress shirt.

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