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The Gothic Gauntlets

Gothic LARP Fashion gauntlets

With reinforced knuckle-busters bolstering an articulation of thirty-eight silver-oiled pieces, these riveted steel-plate gauntlets are set to deliver a magnificent buckle-strapped blast.

Medieval Market

Taking a leisurely midsummer Sunday’s stroll around a neighbouring city’s yearly medieval fair, enjoying the blissful outdoors while doing some preliminary research into a few long-burgeoning ideas.

Forest, médiéval

Schistous Vambraces

Schistous VambracesKeen yet boisterous, exhibiting triads of tight cuspy wedges in a stagnantly replicative play of radial flutes, these protective arm-guards pertain quite an edge when joined with a coherently dainty collar.

The Matterhorns

The Matterhorns

Unyielding, these fierce metguard mining boots alleviate the most strenuous of fields, providing the wearer exemplary comfort through day and night, yet forming a heavy hazard to those who cross his path.

The Plated Belt

The Plated Belt

Carefully exploring the boundary between fashion attire and armor gear; with its three-stand rolling buckle in the back, this magnificent girdle may be equipped tightly in the waist as well as supporting on the hips.