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Reusing Remnants

Transfering collar pattern onto interfacingIron-pressing interfacing onto collar lining.Transfering folded-collar pattern onto fabric

Cutting lining, interfacing and outermost textile for what is becoming a trademark shape of collar, this time in adaption exhibiting cascading layers conform to the intrinsic design of the Rider’s Vest, for which it is to become a removable extension-part, a supplementary addendum to adhere to a more wintertime regard.

On Locking

Badly cut raffling red velvetTrimmed and locked silver Velvet

Not disclosing my considerations about the supplier shipping out their merchandise in such disheveled state, the thick one-millimeter wefts nestled within the thousands of minuscule warp-threads making up this gorgeous brocade are practically predisposed to raffling if not secured before any work is done to it.

Sleeve Pattern

Shortly after posting the preliminary patterns for the Marquis Coat, I realised my initial cut for the tailored sleeve would not ideally sustain the intended design, and even though the structural difference with the alternative coupe displayed in this post might seem abysmal at first, the logical transformations behind it aren’t little at all.

Marquis Coat Sleeve Pattern

The first adaption shifted the bulk of the flow from the upper towards the under sleeve to make the cuff fall on the back of the hand in the dignified manner of a jacket-sleeve, upon which came the realization how wrong it was to have added the godet girth in straight lines, when correctly following the elbow’s curve was even more important here for giving a soft and fluid forwards drop, together with the pieces orienting in a most favorable bias-thread direction matching the inwards folded segments of the complementary godet-piece (wilfullingly cut in straight lines) for allowing the sleeve to fall even further open when lifted and push itself in folds when allowed to drop freely.

Scarlet Cape Sketch

Introducing the fantasy-inspired floor-length cape contrived by combining four wide-angle pieces of velvet scarlet, individually weighted down by a heftily interfaced border perpetuating the heaviest drape-like drop.
The Scarlet Cape Sketch
However more distinctive is the compressed capeline gracing the upper shoulder-line, constructed by combining narrow concentric pieces forming the neckline to reach back out, high up into the epitome vampire’s collar, maintained by garnished bronze clasps distinguishing the garment together with the burnished rings being confined by peripheral bonds encapsulating the capeline’s edges, holding on to a shackling of divergent bindings trailing frontwards while gently restraining the cape’s flanks’ flow.

As an extra idiosyncratic facet, the cape’s large masses may be shed off, leaving the capeline to allowing its bindings their full fall onto accentuating a tailored torso, enabling full freedom of bodily movement whilst continuing to uphold the same draconian shade in senseless manifestation.

A Direct Line

From the blog’s currently existing pages, the ‘contact’ was the the last to receive its stylistic revival.
Having continued to build on from where I left off, I am proud to deliver this small piece of developer’s eye-candy boasting a gorgeous multiform interface, which dynamically adjusts itself to the visitor’s intent, straightforward and unequivocal, as after all, a quality contact page always is the greatest trump card.

Please, feel welcome to use this form for complementary notes, well-wishing, intuitive ponderings, questions regarding the 'grander work', remarks & suggestions concerning the website, error reporting or personal questions.

A form pre-arranged for pointing out on-the-web-found images containing either myself or my work, for submitting or uploading your most welcome self-taken pictures, as well as for soliciting one's own photographic services.

A suitable setting for bespeaking proposals regarding dealership, make or event endorsement, represented in the form of textual side-bar advertisements as well as mentioned on various extension-sites.

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