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Including Trim

Adding sensitive trimlines onto rough fabric.The semblance of lines on the new cape is achieved from including long straps of half-bias tape between the fabric pieces, by aligning the tape with the seam allowance – measuring exactly half the tape width – before the seam is sewn, and pressing both ends to the same side to create a layover effect of fabric on trim over fabric. The downside of this approach lies however in the material choice, where the slickness of the polyester-satin tape would make it shift while being attached onto the fabric by machine, and just pinning it already created small unseemly waves in the trim’s structure, all these lines, including the full lengths, were to be sewn on to the fabric by hand.

Sterling Sequencing

Gothic vest-coat, rhythmically decorated with ornate buttons.

Having the finished garment rest on its bust giving me a complete outlook on all of its sides, it wasn’t too difficult locating the key positions that were needed to transfer the specified flow lines through a dotted representation of in total 83 strongly decorated sterling buttons, placed in variegated sequences, differencing between intervals that are fixed from chest to waist, Pythagorean when crossing sides, rhythmically growing following the long runs down and lastly pinched along the hemline, in order to maintain a solid and continuous semblance throughout the piece, consolidating the earlierly placed lace-trim.

Unresolved Selection

Looking for something extra-ordinary in a dark shade of coppery-orange, like a sort of trim, independent enough to protrude its own glance, without being limiting in stylistic semblance or material cooperation…


Adding Trim

Satin rat-tail trim-cords, one embedded within the neckline, the other worked into the mid-collar seam.
The latest of enhancements to the Cathedral Cape accentuates its shoulder-insets and the new collar’s contour by introducing a red rat-tail satin trim, sewn precisely on top of existing seams through sideways stitches picking strings from the back of the cord, slightly twisting and securing it across the sharper corners and locked in position; the first one included in the neckline allowance before the improved collar was placed, the other worked into the horizontal seam of the under collar, where it is met by the end of the frontal zipper, the sole fastener to carry the weight of this monumental garment.

Striking Adornations

Cathedral Cape decorative buttons with four different sorts of rhinestone layed out to embed.Decorative chain and connectors for makings drapings, connecting ornamental buttons on the Cathedral Cape.

The collar upgrade on the Cathedral Cape will be joined with a new level of decoration; using an alternating diamond-link shackle chain for a basis, I’ll be constructing weighty draperies in between strongly articulated ornamental buttons, whose centers I can embed with a rhinestone to be chosen from this limited selection.

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