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Coat Lining

Black satin lining gracing the Marquis CoatFixed hemline going into individual layers.
In finishing the Marquis Coat we opted on handsewing the lining all the way against the fabric facing up until the second sideseam, where both layers continue in separate hemlines ensuring an unhindered, godet drop.

Shirt Lining

Hemline and front-facing hand-secured on inner tafeta layer.Collar and rear-fold secured on tafeta, layers locked together in arm-hole.

With the multi-fabric aspect exerted to full benefit, the lower taffeta layer automatically doubles for lining, which is extra helpful for securing folds as well as facing and hemline in place, showing only structural seams between conscientiously molded perennial pieces, locking the layers of fabric definitely together.

Attaching Lining

Lining the Slanted Jacket

Finishing a non-standard hemline, like the concave form on the Slanted Jacket works best when it is stitched off with a likewise-cut strip of the same material, having the actual lining sewn to it with a medium backstitch afterwards.

Apart from obtaining the projected hemline, the addition of the facing-strip comes with some extra dexterity, in this particular case enhancing the pelt-ish intent of the bolero-jacket, unfortunately non-adaptable to the basque-like skirt-appendage for the lower-garment-friction it would bring.