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Drawing Patterns

cut-up textile base

← Cut-up Textile Base for the Red Shirt

Having found the corresponding design-lines on my body, I can trace these pieces onto paper, knowing they’ll produce an ideal fit from the waist upwards.

After making some corrective adjustments and adding flow towards the hemline, I’ll have derived the basis for the pattern pieces needed to construct the prospective garment.

Buying Fabrics (latex)

A well-matched variety in colors and qualities of high-stretch latex, ideal for constructing parts of outfits that have to fit skintight, or for tensely enclosing molded plastic shapes giving them a homegrown leathery feel.

Stretchy Latex

Saturday’s Secondary Outfit

Saturday's Secondary Outfit

The first concept for the second chapter of this blog shows the most androgynous of my outfits, taking an altered version of the Arch-Down Skirt as its base to form a layer of non-woven black-shaded garments over rouge underclothes.
The suede skirt is strung and decorated with red leather-string and will receive matching lining, setting the tone for the underlying-color of the outfit, brought forth by the dark-red long-sleeved jersey blouse. covered by a black cat-skin-like velours jacket featuring curved hemlines edging front- and sleeve-zippers.
A matching glossy top layer added to the curve-skirt making it truly an antonym to the Architecturewear-project as promoted in the day’s primary composition.
To further highlight this diversion a secondary pocket-watch is hung into a chain construction, accessorising the outfit, together with constructions made from black ostrich-feather enriching the wrists and neckline, culminating in a figurative crown adorning the long carmine hair.



The emanation of some of my most-burdensome undertakings so far; my new table, 93cm high, 270 cm long, featuring an inner resource-organizer supported on wheels able to move back and forth under the heavily reinforced table’s 90cm width. In my personal opinion, it is something no single designer should be without.


End of Chapter

Concerns: the starting of the blog, managing my resources, planning for the WGT, conceptualizing outfits, buying materials and getting to know the WordPress platform.
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