Aristocrat Shirt

At this point in time, the white aristocrat shirt makes for the most intricate amongst my designs, envisioned during the previous working year as a rather elaborate method for pushing up my skills onto a higher level.

technical sketch for white gothic men's shirt with pleated jabot, sleeves and ruffles

Thriving in elegant flow and organic shaping the concept maintains a strong duality of form repetition and linear direction composed around a solid tailored base; brought to width by small folds dropping from the shoulder pieces while thinned at the waist through sets of centre-oriented darts that emerge from the uppermost one of the two forwards leading hemlines, which themselves are caught within the shirt’s central box-placket; at high contrast to the voluptuous fully pleated, ribbon-bound, sleeves; long enough to overlap their own continuation into sturdy mid-arm cuffs, finished with flourishing sets of pleated ruffles.

The work is completed by two complementary collars, whose respective Italian and French points are to fall flawlessly onto the outermost folds of the vigorous dual-layered jabot, itself a fluid repetition of the design’s prevailing features, echoing the cuspated hemline shapes with the division of the forementioned bust-pleats.


  1. Now, at 95% of its completion, I feel rather uncompromised in declaring it will likely remain the only one of its kind.

  2. and i was waiting so impatiantly ^^

  3. Sorry for the wait. This post was sortoff an important one for me. ^_^;

  4. i noiticed, but its worth waiting for ^^

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  6. I dont get it, how are the sleeves connected to the cuffs?

  7. The sleeves, just like the shirt itself, are based around a hidden lining. It is this inner sleeve that connects the shoulder to the writscuffs, while also keeping the, much longer, outer sleeves in place.

    This concept art shows how the outer sleeve rolls back when the the arm is lifted, exposing the cuffs.

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