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Delicate Dancer

OpusRelinqueTechnics-2013-10-17Being a first effort at dark combinant Steampunk design, this concept borrows the archetypical look of Cybergoth fashion and transposes it into classically cut couture by representing the modernistic shapes through traditional techniques and materials; forming a composite outfit of detachable pieces that include hotpants, armcovers, legcovers, headband and gilet; all constructed from sequencing folds and pleats as to accommodate vivid fabric flow; with each piece connected to another by straps and buttons, yet individually selfsupporting.

Winter Nobles

Gala Nocturna 2012 Russian Fairytale close-up
Russian themed gothic aristocrat outfit holding scepter
Russian themed gala nocturna outfit with fairytale hat
Gothic Swan prince fur and feathers outfit
Gala Nocturna 2012 Russian Fairytale outfit
Gothic prince feather collar outfit

A six-part minishoot capturing the outfits for the “Russian Fairytale” themed Gala Nocturna ball, comforming to the dresscode through injecting hints of musical folklore into the lines of typical Opus Relinque garments.

Gothic Aristocrats

Opus Relinque young EGA outfitOpus Relinque mature EGA outfit

These towering thresholds depicting the outfits as worn for Gala Nocturna 2011 took quite a while to make, tuning solely mathematical transformations of photographed images, marking my first venture into print art.

Vampiric Ensembles

Delineating the outfit conceptuals for a forthcoming dark-themed ball, combining my creations into original interpretations for the vampire, both having to work well for strolling as for dancing throughout the night.

top-hat, shirt, gilet, gothic capeThe primary, forms an archetypal vampire’s outfit, high on excesses with wool trousers, a satin shirt, velvet vest and bracers, a silk tied scarf, red hair, a fur covered top-hat, smothered by a chain-draped gothic cape.

blouse, leggings, bootcover, plushies, feather collar, bracelets and crownThe secondary, depicts a more modernistic approach, limiting to fashion essentials with a velveteen blouse, fur-covered leggings, ostrich feather collar, cuffs and crown, to be engaged in a wide velvet/cashmere coat.

The Green Shirt

The Green Shirt frontThe Green Shirt backThe Green Shirt closure detail
The Green Shirt shoulder detail
The Green Shirt cuff detail


Formidably combining a grainy veil with taffeta green, this classical shirt exhibits a unique play of vertically, diagonally and horizontally layered over-crossing bonds, while retaining pre-tied ribbons for facile closing.

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