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Noli’s Eye Patch

Making use of various scraps of material…

..forming a trace into tailored pattern..

..working out inner and outer halves..

..into an originally finished eye patch.

Supervising my Nolish companion in his making something out of nothing; a nicely curved eye patch, exactly fitting the socket of his eye, to be mounted with two crossing elastics for a bad-ass yet playfully elegant feel.

Gothic Floorvest

Black long gothic coat-vest front viewmen's sleeveless gothic coatfinishing techniques for men's gothic vestBlack velvet gothic cleeveless coat decorationwatch-pocket in long sleeveles goth coat


This floorlength vest resulted from wrapping theoretical lines of trim around the basic sleeveless coat design from the architecturewear project. Being a first for many experiments like an embedded watch-pocket, hand stitched decorating and bound buttonholes , this velour volume probably pioneered my current finishinglevel.


Beautiful Purchase

Seeing a lot of my latest efforts channeled into the Coalescaremonium project leaving dire little time for the completion of the upcoming WGT’s outfits, I find myself taking on the role of stylist rather than designer, by buying available items and re-working them into my own, instead of tackling aspired designs from scratch.

Gothic Neck-ruffles bought from Etsy

Furry Finish

Loops & buttons construction that fastens the furry chaps onto their lined inside.After the leg ins had their long pile seam allowances trimmed, folded inwards and fixed onto the fabric’s wrong side with a cross stitch, their insides were covered with a soft antistatic lining, strengthened to keep the angular shapes crisp, while fluid as not to interfere with fabrics or stockings worn underneath.

With mild elastics placed into the knee area forming a primary means of support, the furry coverings are geared in place through a simple loops and buttons fastening, allowing the leg-ins to be easily combined with many variations of garment- or underclothing-constructions that feature waisthigh belt-like straps.

Pressed Hemline

Turning to use a most modern technique to create a minimal touch hemline that keeps the lightweight satin thin and supple whilst finishing off the fabric’s raw edge without leaving pin, thread or needlepoint marks.

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