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Converging Lines

self-drawn pleated pattern for full length skirt.tailored pleat skirt pattern drawing.

Drawing sets of parallel-lines to denote the exact locations of the folds, the backfolds and the foldless parts while using their relation to the side, front and rear centers as key points to fuse the vastly amassing paper pieces together before including tailoring by redirecting the foldlines to deepen the pleats from the hips up.

Wave Works

black gothic men's curl wig being restyled An U.S. online ordered fashion wig, though beautiful in quality, unfavorably fashioned with too many and too small curls, giving a frizzy impression instead of the planned classical look; brings up the question of wether to disregard the purchase as a lost cost, or to make use of its human hair blend composition and completely re-style it into voluminous curlings that are better porportioned towards my features. Going through all the many layers, armed with just a curling iron and a magical serum solvent, it was perhaps quite an un-covetted operation to take on, but still one that is much more pleasant to do on a bust at home than in a hotel room on my own hair.

Fashion Shopping

An intermitting frame of us scanning the summer festival’s preferred booth, looking through their simple but very well thought-out designs to assemble a quaint little ensemble that can make a good base for any outfit.

Re-Agenz store at Amphi Shopping

Pleated Wrap

gothic wrap skirt with pleats for menThe first of this year’s new experiments is this pleated design for an elegant, yet manly wrap-skirt, to be made from one continuous piece of fabric and brought to shape by the insertion of a mathematical series of folds that are partially sewn-in to open at gradually lower lengths; condensing the seamless wide flow in an almost musical manner, leading a rhythm-guided way to the flat-falling front and back sides; all held in place by a slanting waistguard that carries a double buckle belt construction for closing.

Leipzig Picnic Style


Once the harsh overhead-sun had subdued a bit, we took a moment of time to test out the variation in light angles for the photographing of a well-specified arrangement, resulting in this small minishoot by ourselves.

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