Monthly Archives: March 2013

Differential Meetings

Inserting flank piece into gothic cape.Cape design cut up into architectural pieces.

Due to the method by which the golden bias trim emerges from within the seamline to lay over the adjoining piece of fabric; gaining a symmetrical semblance when seamlines meet requires the correct calculation and incorporation of a hidden standoff, a tricky issue that re-manifests for each and every junction on the cape.

Novel Developments

el-wire on leather gloves, gothic.

Mounting tranformers onto an old pair of gloves.

Blue EL-wire, transformator and gliding metal ballast

Making spikes into ballast to guide the EL-wire.

Tying El- glow wire in a slipknot.

A twisted slipknot through a round zipper end.

el-wire glowing cyber-gothic battlesuit.

All connected to the battlesuit and ready to go.

Reinstating an old pair of gloves while expanding into new technology by incorporating EL-wire: electrically charged illuminating cable, that can be brought to various flashing speeds through transformators at each hands end; with the length of the wire draping freely between arm and back under guide of gliding weights.

Shades of Black

the different shades of black men's shirtsTaking a free moment as an occasion to properly wash and iron my collection of day-shirts; retracing the same system of seams that build up this most conventional of all garments whilst taking note of the diversity in fiber compositions and the different coloring methods that were used on them; making each of the shirts look regular on its own, yet when piled together showing vast variation of textures and tints, collectively considered under a common label of “black”; which provides me an appealing angle for the 2013 designs; to omit all color and transport this dark notion to its Gothic extremities by creating outfits that are wholly black while in no way bland.

Tremendous Falls

Massive cyberlox falls with yellow crin cut in layersLayer-cut crin cyber falls with UV foam accents.cyber falls with foam crown accent cut in feather strips
bonnet wig to support cyberlox falls
wig to support cyber falls with orange fringe


These huge falls combine black and blonde shades of varying-width crin into a 5-layer cut that cadences into a waist-level drop, topped by a foam-feather crown that closes in a circular disk and continues the choice of color with UV reflectant attributes; a wholly construction that finds support on a specially made bonnet-wig.

  Crown-feather-assemblyFlat-lying-falls – Bonnet-wig-construction – Modelled                                                                                                

French Seam

For hiding and protecting seam allowances on a non-lined garment, the “French seam” method proposes to encapsulate them within a second, hidden, seamline, sewn first with the fabric pieces wrong sides together, before the actual, visible, seam locks them away; an amendable procedure that easily justifies the effort.