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End of Chapter

Concerns: in depth construction reports, introducing new techniques and resources, extrapolating the bigger designs, focus on material propperties, logo design and major blog upgrades.

Xelorian-Arts Shoot

This years WGT, the unexpectedly high sun made us depart our original shooting location towards the older contours of the city, which produced some intriguing depictions of my delicate works over three photo sets.

Augustusplatz Area Shoot - Leipzig, 24 May 2012
Gothic RPG armored outfitEdge fantasy J-goth settingNeko wasteland harajuku fashiontestFuturo-gothic armor fashionLARP space knight armorsilk gothic pleated boy\'s shirtElegant Gothic and Harajuku Gothic fashion for mengreen haired j-goth fashionPhotos by Alexander Talmann, © Xelorian Arts 2012, all rights reserved.

Variable Waves

Sewing a gathered seam onto a flat one.After the body, sleeve and collar parts are brought to shape by the inclusion of hand-gathered ruffles, the next task is to adjoin them all onto the central shoulderdisk, which was modeled directly onto the body and foreseen with a layer of sturdy cotton that strengthens the disk in holding its weighty drapings. As the effect with which the depth of the ruffle pleat shortens its drop-length differs on various sides of the body, the gathering is worked high into the wide seam allowance, allowing for alterations, as getting the intended waist-line turns into a trial and error process of basting, fitting and improving the torso-seam, which is then to be repeated for the sleeves.

The Rider’s Headdress

Black velvet Gotic headdress and facemaskVelvet fatasy domina gothic headband crown.Gothic bondage back-velvet cyber bio mask.

Having processed the left-over bits of Rider’s Gear material into the creation of an original head-piece, this project of complementable cascadingly-layered black velour clothing is now finished with the addition of a wide-standing headband that is, through elastics linking aligned folds, conjoinable with the vented facemask.

Collar Works

Testing high standing collar design using paper prototype.Cutting collar from high quality canvas interfacing in bias direction4 parts that make up a high standing interfaced cape collar

Contrary to the red-finished version of the cape, the new design shows a collar that has standing and falling sections in separate pieces, keeping the same semblance, but replacing the vertical middle-back seam with a horizontal one that tops the construction, a solution, far more suitable for this kind of high-texture fabric. Next to adding a lot of extra work to the equation, it also allows to vary between thread direction for visible and invisible sides of upper and under collar, delivering a superior roll whilst upholding continuity in grain.

Highly decorated upper and undercollar for gothic cape designbaste-sewing alongside manually added canvas interfacingflattening seam allowances through stitches before turning collar inside out

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