It’s Gathering Time

Gathering sleeve on blue satin gothic man's shirt. Before the blue blouse can be assembled, its pieces need to receive their gathering, which for both body and sleeve parts occurs within the hemline, above the top-seam and at the piece’s middle for tailoring.

In order to obtain an even and fluid flux of fabric, all gathering is done by hand in a technique comprising of sewing in sets of two lines of equal-sized stitches (the combination of which ensures the material will continuously stay in place) which’ threads are gently pulled outwards, both ends at the same time, sliding and redividing wavy ruffles over the remaining width until the ideal pattern measurements are reached.


  1. Sometimes I really wish for a so called “ruffler” for my sewing machine <.< It would make such things so much easier.
    I usually sew a loose thread with the sewing machine through the fabric and than pull geantly the ends… but sometimes the fabric is just… argh and the thread rips apart ~.~

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