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making shoulderguards out of padding

Prototyping to find the desired shape..

combining multiple shoulder pads into a big construction

..adding sufficient material to carry it..


Using the availables to mold the non-evident, yet neither far-fethched structure of the shoulder-construction straight onto myself, looking to deduce fitting sewing patterns whilst gaining padding to further incorporate.

Cutting shoulderpads to shape

..cutting and securing the final form..

gaining sewing patterns from a threedimensional shape

..and trying to obtain patterns from it.


Time of the Year

Looped velcro tape for outlining a velvet brocadepossesive tuxedo coon on a velvet blanket

Picking up the dark silver of the velvet brocades to outline its edges with velcro tape and replace the frame’s creme colored layer as this year’s inlay for The Picnic Blanket, an exploit not unnoticed by fellow inhabitants.

Flowing Edges

sterile scalpel blade for leather carvingtracing pattern pieces onto leatherhow to cut a thick leather hide

Looking closer at the technique for cutting the leather into the most fluid of lines, using a fresh scalpel-knife to carve the pattern pieces onto the right side and turning over the blade to lift the wrong side and re-trace the incision, effortlessly employing the material’s own weight while sleekly slicing the way through the hide.

slice-lines in 6 ounce leatherhow to cut a thick leather hideleather corset pieces, cut from pattern

Mysterious Methods

Method for baste-sewing thick leather.Stitching thick 6 oz leather with a regular machine.

As thick leathers are stitched on top of each other rather than through conventional seams, a much tighter baste-method is needed to keep the seams from drifting apart under the pressure of the machine-foot, for which I opted to apply separate lines of top stitching on both pieces and use an extra strong yarn to tensely hook those together on the inner side of the seam, and re-use the same holes to stitch both layers secure.


black leather cow hide for gothic fashion-wearrough edge of leathercutting 6 oz leather

Conscientiously choosing a lorn corner of the full-grain to test out techniques through cutting and processing collar pieces and get a good feel of the wealthy material before commencing work on the larger structures.

stitching on 6 oz leatherLeather choker-collar piecesSuede Gothic Chocker collar.

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