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The Green Shirt

The Green Shirt frontThe Green Shirt backThe Green Shirt closure detail
The Green Shirt shoulder detail
The Green Shirt cuff detail


Formidably combining a grainy veil with taffeta green, this classical shirt exhibits a unique play of vertically, diagonally and horizontally layered over-crossing bonds, while retaining pre-tied ribbons for facile closing.

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Ultimate Test


The rather unexpected terrain embarked upon by visiting the early-saturday Empyrium show, was a certain challenge in evaluating my cape‘s internal workings, prompting to use the desolate location as the backdrop for this video, portraying the continuous maintainment of a symmetrical Gothic Window during movement.

The Slanted Jacket

The Slanted Jacket, opened, frontThe Slanted Jacket, closed, back

A bias-cut bolero-jacket, exhibiting a rounded coupe devoid of side-seams, literally constructed around its own prototype, giving the fabrication that weighty pelt-like firmness, finished with inset coil-zips backing front and mid-sleeve closures.

Proceedings: sketchpatterns – prototypefabricfacing – lining

Longsleeve Undershirt

 The final of my undertakings for this year’s WGT festival will be the maroon raglan-cut undershirt seen in Saturday’s Secondary Outfit, adhering to the other pieces by omitting side-seams (skirt and jacket).

Raglan-cut Longsleeve

The jersey blouse is strongly tailored by decorative full-height darts, flawlessly merging into the connective seams effectuating an eight-piece bodice with three-piece sleeves, projecting a unique play of lines, familiarly paying homage to the Red Shirt, taking place as the corresponding layer for the day’s primary outfit.



The Cathedral Cape

Cathedral Cape showing godet brocade panel embedded within rear gothic window.Cathedral Cape finished with brocade bands delineating frontal gothic window

The cardinal piece from the Architecturewear project, adjusted with crimson brocade enhancing front and rear Gothic windows in perfect godet.

Proceedings: conceptfabrictrimworkingsfootagediligence

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