Buying Fabrics (furs)

For being able to make best use of the last weeks before the festival, I made sure I gathered the required fabrics for making the remainig items on the Saturday outfits, comprising of: a long haired wine-colored faux fur (primary outfit, ground shoulder layer), a deep-red high-stretch velvety jersey (secondary outfit, blouse) and a luxuriously shining deep-black hairy velour (jacket), probably most resembling panther-hide.

Saturday's Shades


  1. The one still missing is the medium hair red-black pelt for the upper shoulder layers. I guess I’ll be up for some hefty phonecalls this week :???:

  2. i almost fell off my chair when i noiticed where you put the dragon this time XD looks really fluffy furr actually, like the ones they use for those fluffys (cyber legg things)

    good luck getting that fabric you still need!

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  4. If you look closely you can just make out his bodyshape underneath the thick pelt :)

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