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The Rider’s Headdress

Black velvet Gotic headdress and facemaskVelvet fatasy domina gothic headband crown.Gothic bondage back-velvet cyber bio mask.

Having processed the left-over bits of Rider’s Gear material into the creation of an original head-piece, this project of complementable cascadingly-layered black velour clothing is now finished with the addition of a wide-standing headband that is, through elastics linking aligned folds, conjoinable with the vented facemask.

Encrusted Eyes

Art Deco Gothic nacre-silver siamond crested sewing buttons

A rare bundle of two antique-silver Art-Deco boutons showcasing multiple concentric structures, broken by a patty-cross pattern of diamond inlays, enriching the nacre-stone cores.

Electric Horns

Emailled glass gothic cyber industrial horns.

Imbued with a ricocheting grace, these stoutly streamlined scalp extensions's deep emaille covering deflects both light and dark in a manner so splendid, it is nothing shy of other-worlds.

Truly Special

A most intriguing find at a local antiquer’s shop, this stunning one of a kind Art-Nouveau nacre-imbued silver button appeared awaiting the days to shine as a key ornament on one of the acoming year’s primary outfits.

art-nouveau silver nacre gothic winged button

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect, Audacious outfitThe Butterfly Effect, Decorous outfit

..or how the subtle addition of one small handmade brooch onto past WGT’s two most differential outfits, one the most decorous, with the other undoubtedly the most audacious from the range;

..can break through these outfits’ individual uniformity and bring forth a higher homogeneousness, finally connecting primary with secondary design lines throughout the whole creative spectrum.

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