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The Suedine Floor-Vest

The Suedine Floor-Vest

The second endeavor from the Architecturewear project, enriched with  a decorated neckline, embedded watchpocket and passpoil buttonholes.

The Tangular Rings

The Tangular Rings

Both instances of the same shape, this duo of animate silver enthralls the masses, with dark eyes ever glazing, they posit the await of a most ordain significance.

Selecting Buttons

Instead of gothing-up garments by resorting to skull- or coffin-shaped versions of the archetypical fasteners, I have an inkling for choosing buttons that fortify an enunciated aspect of the design through a certain form, substance or color relation; such is my selection for the red shirt, for which I found a very special opened-up nickle construction, ricocheting the silky crimson through its clefts instead of competing with its vigor.

Selected Buttons

Industrial Workings


Collected footage providing a quick impression of last year’s extraordinarily successful Sunday outfit, shot at Leipzig’s Connewitz grounds during a brief intermezzo, reacclimating, before heading for the ext!ze show.

The Red Shirt

The reThe Red Shirtd shirt, my long pending design, matured into a lucid art-nouveau piece featuring elegantly intersecting lines tailoring the garment. To be fashioned in lightweight fluent silk, its crimson pieces are thoughtfully drawn as to not overstretch the delicate material, consigning all forces to the strengthened shoulder-plates and the detachable breast-plate.

Used to fasten the vestment and adhere as its focal point the front panel’s upper layer quality is emphasized with outwardly folding excess coverings, held in place by intricate silver buttoning, also enclosing the optional curved belt, initiating mid-waist in order to culminating tracing the hip-line, covering the shirt’s segmenting frontal splits.

It’s graceful sleeves flowing in Flemish pleats, approximating the White Shirt‘s in complexity, yet attaininga contrarily demeanor,  exhibiting silhouette-lines emerging from cuspated top pleats traversing into long pointed ruffles, bound by removable cuffs.

Having only just concluded this design , while quite confident about its feasibility, it pertains subjective to change, that is, if I will be able to finish it this year.

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