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Gathered Blouse

The gathered blouse might share certain properties with the other secondary shirts but manages a wholly differing set of techniques to approximate a corresponding bodyfit; the key characteristic being its augmentation with a great flat shoulder-disk that ensnares the vastly gathered body- and sleeve panels within a single continuous line breaking the sleeve heads in circumference of the bust; generating a dense monotonous drop of fabric, interrupted by added lines of gathering which tailor the shirt around waist and elbows. On the other side of the disk, the button-fastened neckline is rounded off by an analogously gathered collar, forming high-contrasting mirror effects between flattened and rounded fabrics; a feature that is distinctly repeated by the sleeves gathering in curving overhand-cuffs, buttoned for closing the wrists; taking a slightly opposing semblance to the blouse’s main flow, which is at last gathered directly within the hemline for maintaining a controlled appearance throughout the design.

Blouson Rouge

astretch-velvet red ruffle goth shirtgothic raglan backside blouseLongsleeve blouse with ruffle trimmed seams

A raglan-cut stretchy longsleeve that bolsters rising seams that are worked in to its carmine velveteen, adding tailoring while including a ruffle-tape trim, accentuating the formed shapes, mimicking those of the Red Shirt.


Furry Leg-ins

Cyber legwarmers conjoined with classically cut short-shorts.After having taken some first exploratory steps into cyber territory last year, I wish to continue in that direction through a more architectural aproach over this time, for instance by augmenting a pair of very short shorts with plush legwarmers that emerge from the waistband, hug the outer sides of the legs and widen out from the knees, offering surface for working in another set of (this time, upscaling) glow sticks, while leaving angular portions of naked skin visible to be shaded by nets or leggings.

Vampiric Ensembles

Delineating the outfit conceptuals for a forthcoming dark-themed ball, combining my creations into original interpretations for the vampire, both having to work well for strolling as for dancing throughout the night.

top-hat, shirt, gilet, gothic capeThe primary, forms an archetypal vampire’s outfit, high on excesses with wool trousers, a satin shirt, velvet vest and bracers, a silk tied scarf, red hair, a fur covered top-hat, smothered by a chain-draped gothic cape.

blouse, leggings, bootcover, plushies, feather collar, bracelets and crownThe secondary, depicts a more modernistic approach, limiting to fashion essentials with a velveteen blouse, fur-covered leggings, ostrich feather collar, cuffs and crown, to be engaged in a wide velvet/cashmere coat.

The Green Shirt

The Green Shirt frontThe Green Shirt backThe Green Shirt closure detail
The Green Shirt shoulder detail
The Green Shirt cuff detail


Formidably combining a grainy veil with taffeta green, this classical shirt exhibits a unique play of vertically, diagonally and horizontally layered over-crossing bonds, while retaining pre-tied ribbons for facile closing.

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