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End of Chapter

Concerns: taking on a more professional approach, starting work on prime projects, showing the person behind the creations, gathering new ideas and materials and uncovering previous work.

Little Vacation

Taking a few days out, treating myself to not one, but two shows by Norwegian formation Trail of Tears, the accomplished Black/Gothic Metal act that manages to prove itself more amazing each time I see them.

With Trail of Tears, MFVF 2011

Quick Fix

Almost Finished Left Bracer

In realizing I would not be able to get both bracers duly finished in time, I decided to shift all focus onto completing at least one of them, upholding quality standards while granting myself some sleep before a heavy few days of melodious appreciation ahead.

I ultimately wound up stringing a cordonnet-thread as a temporal solution for lacing up the bracer onto the point where I could easily get my hand through and swiftly sew the bracer fastened around my arm whilst on the road to wearing a new piece in pride.

The Picnic Blanket

The Picnic Blanket with creme-colored inlayThe Picnic Blanket: showing the impermeable undersideThe Picnic Blanket: border construction close-upThe Picnic Blanket: removing exchangeable color panel

The illustrious queen-sized Picnic Blanket that accommodates two to three on a beautifully bordered soft molton, spread out over a waterproof underground, and protected from rain by internal lining, with three variant color-panels, interchangeable for setting the surroundings to extend the determined outfits’ mood.

  DesignTextilesPreppingPatternsInterfacing –                                                                                                
  – ConstructionLiningAssemblageFinishingInlay                                                                                                

Simply the Best

Marquis Coat Horse-Hair Collar interfacing

As a didactic example it was recently shown to me how horse-hair interfacing is properly fixated onto the under-collar, using a fascinating, yet strenuous, pattern of minuscule stitches attaching the inter-facing whilst forming the collar around your hand as you move, allowing you to pull both bias-cut layers simultaneously into a round fold, bestowing the rigid collar with an elegant roll-over.

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