Working in Double

Green Veil and tafeta combined as a single material

Combining multiple fabrics into one, when inducted as a form of accentuation it is one thing, but when constructing a complete garment, like the Green Shirt, out of such composite material, extraneous precautions such as locking all pieces individually into baste and keeping their threads aligned into the seams, start forming quite a challenge; in this case, however perhaps, slightly uplifted by the two-layer attribute at direct disposal for holdings folds in place and hiding seam allowances without the introduction of extra lining.


  1. Sounds unproportionately complicated. Could you really not find the right color anywhere?

  2. Nowhere. -_-

    I went through all my sources, and even wound up in some new (and frighteningly secluded) places, but alas, it was my very last resort where, together with the very helpful clerk, we came up with the idea for the combination.

    I have to say though, I couldn’t be more pleased about the outcome. The work was painstaking, but the combined layers made my design work like no other would.

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