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The Aristocrat Shawl


Presenting a jabot construction of full adjustable elegance contrived by using my most beautifully sculptured ring as a sliding mechanism to contain the massively gathered silk chiffon fabric that fills out this frilly choker with a lavishly thick, yet airily light drop; providing stern contrast between black ruff and silver dragon skull.

Towering Table

RObust Gothic Coffee TableGothic table pillarsGothic table insideTable base

Answering the always lingering architectural urges through the home improvement front by making a simple something as a coffee table in full OR style; with straight towering lines and floating surfaces, finished much like my fashion: robust yet light, grandiose yet practical and without having any visible construction points.

  Design – MaterialsPreparations – Construction – Finishing                                                                                                

Thick Curled Wig

Lavish wavy gothic men's aristocrat wig.Restyled curly Gothic men's wig.

Originally acquired as a non-satisfying frizzy purchase, this mix fiber wig of equal parts human and synthetic hair has been completely restyled into thick, lavish curls, much more mimicking the way I curl my own hair.

Gothic Floorvest

Black long gothic coat-vest front viewmen's sleeveless gothic coatfinishing techniques for men's gothic vestBlack velvet gothic cleeveless coat decorationwatch-pocket in long sleeveles goth coat


This floorlength vest resulted from wrapping theoretical lines of trim around the basic sleeveless coat design from the architecturewear project. Being a first for many experiments like an embedded watch-pocket, hand stitched decorating and bound buttonholes , this velour volume probably pioneered my current finishinglevel.


Tremendous Falls

Massive cyberlox falls with yellow crin cut in layersLayer-cut crin cyber falls with UV foam accents.cyber falls with foam crown accent cut in feather strips
bonnet wig to support cyberlox falls
wig to support cyber falls with orange fringe


These huge falls combine black and blonde shades of varying-width crin into a 5-layer cut that cadences into a waist-level drop, topped by a foam-feather crown that closes in a circular disk and continues the choice of color with UV reflectant attributes; a wholly construction that finds support on a specially made bonnet-wig.

  Crown-feather-assemblyFlat-lying-falls – Bonnet-wig-construction – Modelled                                                                                                

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