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Time of the Year

Looped velcro tape for outlining a velvet brocadepossesive tuxedo coon on a velvet blanket

Picking up the dark silver of the velvet brocades to outline its edges with velcro tape and replace the frame’s creme colored layer as this year’s inlay for The Picnic Blanket, an exploit not unnoticed by fellow inhabitants.

Profound Picture

Absorbing the brief trainride to the atelier grounds by opening up some envelopes picked up whilst heading for the station, and laying eyes on the extraordinarily fashionable tickets for this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen.

WGT 21 tickets Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, Leipzig

Flowing Edges

sterile scalpel blade for leather carvingtracing pattern pieces onto leatherhow to cut a thick leather hide

Looking closer at the technique for cutting the leather into the most fluid of lines, using a fresh scalpel-knife to carve the pattern pieces onto the right side and turning over the blade to lift the wrong side and re-trace the incision, effortlessly employing the material’s own weight while sleekly slicing the way through the hide.

slice-lines in 6 ounce leatherhow to cut a thick leather hideleather corset pieces, cut from pattern

Gathered Blouse

The gathered blouse might share certain properties with the other secondary shirts but manages a wholly differing set of techniques to approximate a corresponding bodyfit; the key characteristic being its augmentation with a great flat shoulder-disk that ensnares the vastly gathered body- and sleeve panels within a single continuous line breaking the sleeve heads in circumference of the bust; generating a dense monotonous drop of fabric, interrupted by added lines of gathering which tailor the shirt around waist and elbows. On the other side of the disk, the button-fastened neckline is rounded off by an analogously gathered collar, forming high-contrasting mirror effects between flattened and rounded fabrics; a feature that is distinctly repeated by the sleeves gathering in curving overhand-cuffs, buttoned for closing the wrists; taking a slightly opposing semblance to the blouse’s main flow, which is at last gathered directly within the hemline for maintaining a controlled appearance throughout the design.

Documented, indeed.

The new card layout replaces the actual contact information to the back-side, opening up space for clearer diversification between the work and the person, now including the blog’s featured tagline, emphasising on the difference with commentary-oriented web-logs in denoting Opus Relinque as an active artist’s medium.

Opus Relinque, documented gothic fashion, horned calling card

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