Gathered Blouse

The gathered blouse might share certain properties with the other secondary shirts but manages a wholly differing set of techniques to approximate a corresponding bodyfit; the key characteristic being its augmentation with a great flat shoulder-disk that ensnares the vastly gathered body- and sleeve panels within a single continuous line breaking the sleeve heads in circumference of the bust; generating a dense monotonous drop of fabric, interrupted by added lines of gathering which tailor the shirt around waist and elbows. On the other side of the disk, the button-fastened neckline is rounded off by an analogously gathered collar, forming high-contrasting mirror effects between flattened and rounded fabrics; a feature that is distinctly repeated by the sleeves gathering in curving overhand-cuffs, buttoned for closing the wrists; taking a slightly opposing semblance to the blouse’s main flow, which is at last gathered directly within the hemline for maintaining a controlled appearance throughout the design.


  1. Both this design and the Pleat-Collar blouse were main secondary pieces for this year’s WGT. Developing them back-to-back has highlighted a number of constructional differences and similarities between the two, providing me with some very interesting post-material. :)

  2. LucifersBride

    I like that it is gathered on the waist. So it doesn’t just hang sinply down. It gives a nice shape.

    • Yeah, that tailoring was a bit difficult to draw, but with that it will look more like a shirt and less like a dress.

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