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And Now for Some Cover-Art

Extravagant gothic floral design for facebook timeline and app buttons

Since the transaction to timeline, I hadn’t had the occasion or inspiration for justifying the blog with a proper facebook representation. Only when starting to work on it as an actual book cover (landscaped, for the digit world), came the realization, that to honor the rather bland facebook platform with all various aspects of the Opus Relinque situation, it would require a perhaps somewhat over-compensatingly gracious interpretation.

Logo Revealed

Opus Relinque logoToday, I am proud to present my very own trademark to brand my creations: the corporate logo for Opus Relinque, which will soon be gracing the website’s header and intercommunication.

Originating from a simple, but dextrous sketch, the logo shows a graphicalized depiction of the Opus Cross that symbolizes its three-dimensional structure in a multi-part shape, flanked by a stylized render of the website initials, which are deconstructed into sets of cerulean pillars, forming a recognizable as well as discernible emblem that represents my works and aspirations.

Documented, indeed.

The new card layout replaces the actual contact information to the back-side, opening up space for clearer diversification between the work and the person, now including the blog’s featured tagline, emphasising on the difference with commentary-oriented web-logs in denoting Opus Relinque as an active artist’s medium.

Opus Relinque, documented gothic fashion, horned calling card

plus one

When reading a post on this blog, you might notice the little “g+1” button accompanying the facebook “share” anchor in the far right corner of the post’s attributes.
Clicking this button whilst logged into a personal Google or Gmail account, you publicly condone the post with the effect of a worldwide “liking“, improving Google’s overall perception of the post’s validity and content.
So, if you think a post would make a good search result, then just +1 it to boost its ratings in the Google Search Engine and/or share it’s contents on Google Plus.

The same applies to the larger “g+1” button that can be found at the bottom of the blog’s sidebar. This one lets you publicly promote the whole of “Opus Relinque“, much like the “facebook like”, improving general recognition and ratings for this website in a single click.

Opus Relinque Favicon

Gothic FaviconAs some might have noticed, during the recent posting break, I designed a custom Favicon for this site, that turned out as a representation of the letters O and R with a Gothic cross covering their reciprocative edges, which, I believe, suits splendidly.

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