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Noli’s Eye Patch

Making use of various scraps of material…

..forming a trace into tailored pattern..

..working out inner and outer halves..

..into an originally finished eye patch.

Supervising my Nolish companion in his making something out of nothing; a nicely curved eye patch, exactly fitting the socket of his eye, to be mounted with two crossing elastics for a bad-ass yet playfully elegant feel.

Fur-crowned Hat

Fur-covered Decorated Gothic Top-HatFur Covered Top-Hat: front closureFur Covered Top Hat: back view

The augmentation of a standard top-hat by lavish auburn fox fur, cut bulky at the back to gradually thin out along the curve, following the hair direction towards the front where it is locked in place with a single clasp.

Picnic Basket

Willow Wicker Picnic BasketShining in practicality and design, this whitened willow wicker woven harbors an opportune instalment of dishware, glasses and cutlery to serve a surly sitting of refreshments and victuals from its linen insides.

Secondary Pocket Watch

Secondary Pocket Watch

RepresentingĀ a shift into a different kind of view we find this stone embedded watch, a modernistic adaption of a classic design, in all its essence reminding that forever’s the world.

The Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch

Meticulously ticking a relentless tide, this exclusive seventeen-jewel mechanical time-keeping device tests perpetuity, shielding the most personal of engravings.

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