Stretchable Hem

Hemline finished with freshly ironed stretching border.
In finishing neck-, wrist- and hemline for the tightly fitting red raglan blouse I opted to use borders from strips of the same velveteen fabric, cut evenly along the stretch-direction, stitched onto the piece’s right side using a narrow zig-zag and finely fixed against the wrong side by a loosened hem-stitch, minimally constraining the elastic fibers, allowing the blouse to faultlessly expand over the broader hands, head and shoulders while putting it on.


  1. Apart from being functional, the borders are also a neat and clean way of capturing the trimming that’s been worked into the seam-lines and guiding it towards corresponding directions throughout the garment’s left and right sides.

  2. Blouson Rouge | Opus Relinque - pingback on July 5, 2012 at 1:05 am