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Summer Showtime


Showcased in a multitude of settings during the course of this final festival-day, the monday outfits definitely made some impressions, leaving me in luck to have found the time to capture these frames along the way.

Luscious Collar

A wintertime addendum that continues the rider’s vest’s most appealing seam-lines in vigorous pleats; the illustrious rising collar extending the well-documented design beyond the vertebrae, attachable uniquely via a series of small hidden buttons residing deep within the neckline.

Scarlet Cape Sketch

Introducing the fantasy-inspired floor-length cape contrived by combining four wide-angle pieces of velvet scarlet, individually weighted down by a heftily interfaced border perpetuating the heaviest drape-like drop.
The Scarlet Cape Sketch
However more distinctive is the compressed capeline gracing the upper shoulder-line, constructed by combining narrow concentric pieces forming the neckline to reach back out, high up into the epitome vampire’s collar, maintained by garnished bronze clasps distinguishing the garment together with the burnished rings being confined by peripheral bonds encapsulating the capeline’s edges, holding on to a shackling of divergent bindings trailing frontwards while gently restraining the cape’s flanks’ flow.

As an extra idiosyncratic facet, the cape’s large masses may be shed off, leaving the capeline to allowing its bindings their full fall onto accentuating a tailored torso, enabling full freedom of bodily movement whilst continuing to uphold the same draconian shade in senseless manifestation.


Fluffy hand-warmers / wrist-fluffies, with 4 inch glow sticksFurry leg-warmers / boot-covers with 6 inch glow sticks
Augmenting monday’s fur legwarmers and hand-fluffies by the insertion of glow sticks through outward-curving slits into pockets withing the lining, and fixing them secure by bringing a loose backsticth through their lanyard-holes.

Monday’s Secondary Outfit

Monday's Secondary Outfit

Monday’s Secondary Outfit combines both cyber and mittelalter elements to establish an immaculate hybrid look showing quite a lot of skin, yet relying strongly on hair-based fabrics.
Akin to the Primary Outfit is the boastful chin-covering-collar capette - contrived from remaining scarlet velour - as the focal point of the outfit, giving away to the off-white velvet-jersey used for the crop-top, returning as the base-material for the fur-covered leg and wrist-warmers, keeping red glow-sticks embedded into tiny pockets.
Covering the hips we find sideways slashed short shorts, giving a hint of the underwear, whilst upholding the, with straps and rings decorated, back-panel-skirt, spurring the futuristic side of the outfit together with the cybernetic eye-wear combed discretely through the head rigorous blond hair.


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