The following index-pages were created to provide a more comprehensive impression of the available navigation methods at one’s disposal when traversing this website, serving as a quick reference as well as a structured inventory of all things posted.

The posts on this blog are segmented into chronologically ordered chapters, each leading up to an important event or cut short by a brief posting break, leading in a new construction stage. Using these indexes to find an entry point (e.g. the first post), and continuing onwards through the posts is the best way to read the blog as if it were a book.

All posts are submitted into content-derivative categories, recognizable by their distinctly formatted outlook. These indexes form the best course for understanding the structure of this blog, serving general interest as well as facilitating cross-referencing, by maintaining an organised view of all posts within each category.

Post-tags add a notion of clarifying context to posts while at the same time bundling them through inter-category connections. They are normally found mixed-up up in an alphabetically ordered cloud. For these indexes, the tags are classified into a number of tag-types, forming parallel lines of posts within each type of context, providing a structured environment for comparing tag formed listings.

The search function is the best way for speedy retrieval of any specific post or gathering posts from a number of keywords. This page depicts its effect by also displaying its results in a post-time sorted index. The search works great for querying content-aspects not exemplified by previous methods (e.g. silk shirt), as well as forming combinations of the ones that are. (e.g. sunday primary treasure)

The through these pages available indexes will always list posts chronologically, whereas using the same functionality in the sidebar would display the newest results first.
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