I, Discipulus"Opus Relinque" is the weblog through which I share excerpts from my daily efforts on a multitude of artistically incited projects, of which the majority concern the creation of gothic fashion garments for both myself and my companion, directed towards larger goth-scene happenings such as the yearly Wave Gotik Treffen.
Favoring creative design above over-decoration, I steadily seek to synthesize divergent styles, using specialist construction methods for incorporating both classical and modern materials; documenting my opus while releasing my creativity upon the world.

Educated in science and architecture, while active in information technologies; combining resources with structures to achieve forthcoming results has become a second nature. Considering the lingering couture-wisdom within my heritage I felt compelled to answering a youthful artistic indulgence and express my own inventive visions of high-end men's apparel contrived to the best of my on-growing knowledge.

..writer of Opus RelinqueBundling sights that've touched and shaped me through my years with my own notions on form and beauty, I search to challenge the fine frontier between street-wear and art-fashion, experimentingly honoring my influences devoid of genre limitations and not shy of any extravaganza.
Lead by mathematical justification I proceed in conceptualizing those views, having a specific fabrication plan take control over the coveted design towards creating standalone pieces being highly motivated in individual charisma whilst serving a proquired purpose within subsuming outfits.
Throughout production I am blessed with having a guiding hand at a modestly equipped atelier, allowing me to expand my home-base efforts while providing a continuous glance into past times couture that complements my autodidactic confection knowledge in exploring the best appraoch for a job.

Which brings us to the raison d'être for this blog, which is the sharing of these, from memory-fading, techniques, in extrapolating my designs and motivating material choices as I document my own learning process, showcase my results and cover acquisitions and undertakings, providing the total artistic concept broken down into original scribings, though-out and fashioned in an eloquence reflecting the clothes themselves, populating this platform, I keep groomed to my personal standards of web-resources.

..show myself.Hoping my writings contribute something of interest to those who come to read them, I'm thankful to those who already do so now and support me with their graceful feedback, critical observations and appreciative ponderings, making me confident enough to ask you to click my sponsors and spread the word about this website, as though the long-term course of it is unclear to me, I wish that for the time being we can converse adressed topics together and see where the future will take us.

Gothic Artist, Keeper of Opus Relinque