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Cutting Fabric

Preserving fabric through cutting it laid open.Having purchased this powder-blue satin with a less fabric-consuming conception in mind, finding a way to manage the voluminous design from the available meters was a core concern whilst drawing patterns.

With an ascertained gathering factor creating pieces arrangeable to span full widths of fabric; the lay-out of the sleeve and body parts requires them to be cut singularly from laid open textile as opposed to doing so with the fabric folded in double; adding the extra task of manually selecting left and right sides during cutting, turning the process more prone to errors, but delivering maximum flow without loss of fabric.

Patterns, Organized

During the past years I’ve accumulated a complete bookshelve’s worth of homedrawn patterns, labeled and classified in folders, that denominate projects (cathedral cape, white shirt) or guidelines (jabots, base patterns), leaving them readily referenceable whilst creating new pieces from previously taken measurements.
It does occur, however, that after a lengthy period of labour-intensive work, I find myself with quite a stack of un-named patterns, exhibiting seemingly random marks and calculations all over, waiting to receive their corrections and labeling, which often makes for a very insightful chore to be done before entering the next phase.

Cutting Fabric

cutting short shorts pattern pieces from grey wool fabric

This instance of the routined cutting process proves that with some clever arrangement only very little material has to be wasted, letting the fixed patterns guide the fabric usage to outline the variable ones, shows the shape of the inset pocket being defined by the existing short short pieces, leaving as much as possible of this supple wool material to remain, supporting the possibility of making an addendum piece within the next years.

Boxed Goods

The Boxes, gathered from neighbouring stores.Neatly organizing textiles and supplies.Perfectly fitting the workstation.

Finally found the ideal container to fit the inner dimensions of my worktable, being convenient as lightweight removable drawers yet sturdy enough to house the heavier fabrics, these ratan boxes, gathered in small numbers from nearby stores, allowed me to organize my stock and resources using the following lineup:

Leathers Paper-wares Interfacing
Scraps Plastics base patterns Trimming Buttons Supplies Lining Veils
Interior (light) Pleathers Latex Cottons Test fabrics Satins (light) Velvets (light) Brocades (light)
Interior (heavy) Molton Wool Fur (black) Fur (colored) Satins (heavy) Velvets (heavy) Brocades (heavy)


Doing some light remodeling at the atelier grounds, looking to work out minimal-conversion solutions for generating a greater efficiency in space-coordination and resource organization using familiar technology.

..into an Organizing Storage Unit

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