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The White Shirt

white Elegant Gothic Aristocrat shirt with folded jabotcreme satin duchesse men's gothic steam-punk shirt blouseArt-Deco silk Gothic shirt design with double collar and breast-pleatsmen's champagne Gothic Shirt with haute couture pleated sleeves design
elaborate gothic fashion shirt with combined double hemline design


Unveiling my greatest couture effort; the illustrious aristocrat shirt in wealthy champagne-colored duchesse satin, characterized by the pleated ruffle-sleeves and its playful duality in collar, jabot and hemline designs.


Intrinsic Transformation

A chief take-on for 2012 is this long-contemplated design for a tightly fitting full-body leather-construction to combine varying material girths while holding high adaptability through removable and adjoinable segments.

Male gothic leather corset sketch with longdreslike drop. The unique corset-structure is a merger of nine precisely tailored waist-panels, six of which are cut in a continuous floor-length drop while the others sport a composite built allowing the excluding of the lower front and back panels.

Male gothic leather battle suit sketch with added shoulder armor


The panels are layered on top of each other being fixated from chest to hips, falling freely in individual overlapping drops, with the added option of having their hemlines be buttoned together for them to function as a united piece.

Finally, the broad upper-lying flank to narrow underlying quarter piece sequention is repeated for the strong choker-collar that shares its back panels with those of the corset, containing a rump-long zipper as a central fastener for tightening the whole construction and emplacing the breastplate central to its w-shaped bodice.

The Decahat

Polyhedral satin-lined black-pelt top-hat.Russian-stylr diamond-cut gothic fur hat.Decagonal architectural multifacetted fashion items.

Showcasing the newly finished diamond-cut tophat that is an architectural layering of the the decagon shape construed in short-pile pelt and satin lining, profoundly exploiting the 10-face-based polyhedral shape which, through its repetition, bestowed the elevated endeavor with distinct outlooks for front and side-ways views.


2012′s Primary Outfits

outfit design sketches for wave gotik treffen 2012

The preliminary designs for the upcoming Wave Gothic Treffen festival display a strong anchorage in day by day venturing, conceptualising addressed sub-scenes through color-indicated line-impressions, embarking on new experiments as well as revisiting some older ones through the means of creating a continuous play of tailored bodices and flowing length throughout the five festival days, making each outfit a well thought-out combination of natural and synthetic materials, with a newly found attention towards head decoration.

Fur-crowned Hat

Fur-covered Decorated Gothic Top-HatFur Covered Top-Hat: front closureFur Covered Top Hat: back view

The augmentation of a standard top-hat by lavish auburn fox fur, cut bulky at the back to gradually thin out along the curve, following the hair direction towards the front where it is locked in place with a single clasp.

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