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End of Chapter / Retrospective

Opus Relinque Discipulus, Gothic Vampire Outfit, Danse Macabre, Gala Nocturna Ghent, Viona Art
When embarking on this blogging adventure I did not know where this platform was going to take me, but now that I’m concluding the first year of sharing these unearthly visions of mine, I feel strengthened in the validity of my designs and proud in managing this unequivocally structured weblog.

With 246 posts, containing 430 photographs, divided over nine distinct categories, I consider these pages to be a commendable collection of my thoughts and efforts throughout the past year and I can honestly say that I am looking forward to continue writing these little articles as I am learning my way through creating these things that I want to see made.

And so I leave you here with my last work for 2011; this thespian depiction of the Vampire Outfit, making a promise to return in February, charged with plenteous fresh ideas.

Gothic Artist, Keeper of Opus Relinque

After Wave Gotik Treffen 2011

Thursday's TraditionWith Leipzig feeling a little more like home, and home a bit less homey every year, I am with certain sorrow to find this year’s Treffen already over.  Perhaps its for this lingering feeling that, though the intended purpose for this blog has now been met, I see no reason for its discontinuation.

If anything, meeting so many people already aware of the work I am investing, and witnessing them recognise individual pieces from the outfits, the success of this blog and its prospective use to kindred spirits are all the more clear to me. 

However, to further keep this blog on a daily update some changes are in place; one being a slight generalisation into other fields I work in, another the possible introduction of the occasional guest-writer, but more evidently will be enhancing this platform to support the growing reader-interactivity, making sure the best is yet to come.

To all new readers I wish a pleasant view of this site and would like to use the opportunity to point out the comments function to express your thoughts on individual posts, and to use the new/upcoming contact-section (or the email on my card) to channel me directly.