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Adding Trim

Using a strip of black venice lace that has a intricately interresting structure for finishing the trailing hemline of the brocade inset piece, mirroring the Gothic cape’s window-like design with a scaled repetitive reflection.

Gothic window lace trim on a Gothic window.


Seam Ripper

Fashioning Slits

Red Shirt Right SideRed Shirt Wrong Side

Fastening fabric and facing towards the Red Shirt‘s front vents is ideally done at this stage, right before starting to attach the lining.

The Slanted Jacket

Devoid of side-seams, the fabric to be used for this waist-jacket will have it’s weft aligned with the (missing) sideline, making it fall in partial bias towards the front and central-back-seam, exhibiting, with an appropriate choice of fiber, a sideways diverging look.

Slanted Jacket Sketch

More perceptible, however, might be the extravagant hemline presented by both body and sleeves, traversing downwards in a motion concave in the front, yet ending  cuspy in the back.

Adorning this effect, while supplying a sense of changeability are the invisible zippers mounted in the jacket’s sleeves, going up all the way through the shoulder-line, making them, just like the jacket itself, able to be worn open or closed.


Adding Interfacing

Mystery Project Reinforced Seems

“Experimental approach” made me understand I had to apply strips of fusible interfacing on both sides of all of the bias-cut seams within the “Mystery Project” if I wished to continue working on them, as not doing so gave the seams free roam to stretch during all further craft-ship, which could only have resulted in an unbecoming indolence and terribly crooked stitchings throughout the project.

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