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Special Meeting

Earlier this month I was able to meet the legendary Közi-sama with his new live band ZIZ; in an experience that felt so big and small at the same time. Comparing the dismality of the venue with the atmosphere and respect they got from their fans, it leaves me to wonder; does he realize how he has influenced the world?

¨Malice Mizer Közi's signature

Little Vacation

Taking a few days out, treating myself to not one, but two shows by Norwegian formation Trail of Tears, the accomplished Black/Gothic Metal act that manages to prove itself more amazing each time I see them.

With Trail of Tears, MFVF 2011

Chance Meeting

After one of the WGT shows I had the pleasure of running into virtuoso violinist Pete Johansen, within the Gothic-Metal world best known for his contributions to The Sins of Thy Beloved, Tristania and Sirenia CDs, and though I don’t hide how important these works, and especially his additions are to me, it felt alleviating finally being able to tell the man who redefined music to me after I diverted from the classical path myself.

Meeting Pete

Thursday’s Meeting

Thomaskirche Leipzig, shot from next to Bach's StatueAs a number of readers have expressed interest in meeting up before the Wave Gotik Treffen festival takes place, I would like, to not disperse, to welcome those who are interrested to join me for dinner at Auerbachs Keller on thursday.

Auerbach’s keller, situated right in the heart of Leipzig has a beautiful underground restaurant, serving excellent food at very affordable prices for such an amazing atmosphere. Every year the menu is refreshed,  the drinks enlarged and the staff ever so friendly, setting the perfect mood for this once a year vacation.

For the actual meet-up I convey the area in front of the Thomaskirche, where one can easily spot one another and I generally tend to roam on my first day in Leipzig. After paying respects to the old master, we can, perhaps around half past 6, slowly progress towards the Mädlerpassage where we may descend down into the Large Cellar.