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Pleated Wrap

gothic wrap skirt with pleats for menThe first of this year’s new experiments is this pleated design for an elegant, yet manly wrap-skirt, to be made from one continuous piece of fabric and brought to shape by the insertion of a mathematical series of folds that are partially sewn-in to open at gradually lower lengths; condensing the seamless wide flow in an almost musical manner, leading a rhythm-guided way to the flat-falling front and back sides; all held in place by a slanting waistguard that carries a double buckle belt construction for closing.

Pleat-collar Blouse

Recommencing the loop with a Secondary Design that was left out of the running during the past year, in order to return now, reinterpreted and ready for commission as one of 2012′s technically grander works.
Ruffle gothic blouse with pleated collar
This narrowly tailored blouse is to be constructed from a classic black silk, disposed through five seams (two rear, two sides and a frontal one) draping the fabric along the abdomen, displaying a segmented hemline that is echoed by the inset shoulder-piece which harbors a ruffle-collar look by holding individually cut solar-pleats traversing the resulting neckline - the highlight of the design – some of which continuing into mounting pieces that hold up the sleeves, themselves narrowing and thereafter widening as to reflect both the tailoring and angular hemline of the blouse into one continuously balanced ensemble.