Primary Vs Secondary

Influenced by the bands playing, events taking place and parts of Leipzig I wish to visit, I associate each day at the Wave Gotik Treffen with a certain mood, theme or style. For each of these notions I work out two concepts. I call these the primary and secondary outfits.

The primary outfits are all about exploring new materials and construction boundaries. They feature mostly ornate and experimental pieces, sometimes leaving wearability a bit behind. As construction can be a bit unpredictable, making them adhere to a certain level of quality can be time and resource consuming, yet, the result is often worth the strain.
The secondary outfits are in no way inferior. Using the methods I applied before, knowing they work, I try to create strong, sleek items that adhere to a more simplistic and perfected design. They generally portray a shorter fashion, focusing on the waist instead of the chest and shoulders like the primary outfits do.
Because of this clear distinction, one could perceive the two concept types as ‘fashion lines’. For this reason I categorize blogposts by using tags saying primary or secondary, as well as tags stating the day the pieces will be worn on. Clicking the terms in the Tag cloud (found in the sidebar) bundles the posts in a more organised way, making my endeavor a little more comprehensible.


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