Thursday’s Secondary Outfit

Thursday's Secundary Outfit

For the secondary outfit for 2011′s thursday I went with a J-goth, black jeansy look, substantiated by a tailing 3-quarter coat, enhanced with leather accents emphasizing shoulders chest and hemline, whilst returning in the diverging cuffs and hood.
With both a central zipper and a set of draped silver chainlets as a means for closing the coat, the view of the blouse can either be limited to its towering collar or allowed to let its stunning grey silk to peer through, forming a connection of bright contrariety, from the fair hair, to the grey-scaled bindings encovering the narrow cut jeans worn underneath.


  1. Another great design! You should do this for women as well :-)

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  4. I hate to break it to you, but the majority of the “types” of goth that people have listed are just extremes stereotypes
    that have been mostly made up, a lot thanks to the artwork and descriptions provided by Megan Balanck.
    It clearly states on her website that they are STEREO types.
    Not real types of Goth.. Also, nu goth and pastel goth are not
    accepted very well in the real Gothic subculture. They are
    fashion trends and fads, not lifestyle or anything
    similar to the Goth subculture. . The only real types of Goth are
    honestly limited. . Cybergoth. Victorian which is also Romantic Goth.

    Traditional Goth. Geek Goth. And mall Goth with is basically just
    the kids going through the “dark phase” of their angsty, “hard” teenage lives
    and want to rebel and be angry. . Baby Bats are not a type of Goth.
    They’re a stage in which you go through when you’re younger and learning
    about what Gothic is. . Goth isn’t simple a style or trend. . Sorry for sounding like a jerk, but it’s stuff like this that increases negative stereotypes and leads to teasing and bullying when you create false personas and give them to people.

  5. Dear Belle,
    I don’t know wether your comment is supposed to be a sinsere remark (it doesn’t really pick up the contents of the original post, now does it?) or just an attempt at spam, but in any case, Goth, emergent from punk is a movement that’s defined by people doing it. Not by those who sit back and complain about others all the time. ;)

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