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The Forged Cross



The physical unification of modernistic and arcane cross, impeccable in form and shape; with adjustable security chain, making it go perfect with any outfit.

  Concept/DesignLogo-izedConstruction/ForgingUnpacking – Modeled                                                                                                

The Serpentine Sculpture

Dragon shaped gothic silver ring by Ornamentum ex medio

In darkness’ deepest; a parturition from white ash accepts its calling,
spreading its essence out into affinity; the silver dragon materializes.

The Wächter

The Wachter, guadian in both ring and pendant

Guardian of forgotten treasure, the wächter takes form in both ring and pendant, glaring deep into your soul, with certain contempt, yet bereaved of vigor through its argentate transgression.

The Tangular Rings

The Tangular Rings

Both instances of the same shape, this duo of animate silver enthralls the masses, with dark eyes ever glazing, they posit the await of a most ordain significance.

The Red Stone Ring

Jewelry can be a difficult matter. Even more so when in need of that special item to complete a concept.
Luckily, I was able to secure this precious gem well in time to conceive the outfits around it.