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End of Chapter

Concerns: setting in the second year of blogging with a fresh start, planning out the 2012 outfits, elaborating on new designs, realizing smaller projects and showcasing a number of new acquisitions.

Winter Nobles

Gala Nocturna 2012 Russian Fairytale close-up
Russian themed gothic aristocrat outfit holding scepter
Russian themed gala nocturna outfit with fairytale hat
Gothic Swan prince fur and feathers outfit
Gala Nocturna 2012 Russian Fairytale outfit
Gothic prince feather collar outfit

A six-part minishoot capturing the outfits for the “Russian Fairytale” themed Gala Nocturna ball, comforming to the dresscode through injecting hints of musical folklore into the lines of typical Opus Relinque garments.

Buying Fabrics (lining)

Venturing back to the accredited market-space and meeting its lining specialist, trying to find an ideal shade of oldgold for doubling the new cape design in a textile with both natural mixture and transcendental gleam.

Industrious Composition

Basting a large amount of silk fabric pieces

..and basting them in sequence.

Cutting silk collar pieces alongside nap

Cutting the individual pieces..

pleated silk shoulderpiece and collar

..and ironing in the folds.

intricate collar construction for gothic blouse

Stitching the seams together..


Prompted by the delicate shine of the fabric, all 33 parts that make up this collar had to be cut alongside the same direction of the silky weave, introducing a total of 48 seams and darts that had to be basted and sewn before what might have been world’s most demanding ironing job could bring the whole formation to shape.

Cotton Base-Cape

Having discerned some minor adjustments in fit by testing its patterns in a cotton mock-up, the cape’s base is again applied to mark ideal seam positions in correspondence with the plan of integrated trim-lines by pin pointing the optimal esthetic correlations, replacing seams in accordance with concording undergarments.

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