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Stretchable Hem

Hemline finished with freshly ironed stretching border.
In finishing neck-, wrist- and hemline for the tightly fitting red raglan blouse I opted to use borders from strips of the same velveteen fabric, cut evenly along the stretch-direction, stitched onto the piece’s right side using a narrow zig-zag and finely fixed against the wrong side by a loosened hem-stitch, minimally constraining the elastic fibers, allowing the blouse to faultlessly expand over the broader hands, head and shoulders while putting it on.

The Proper Suitor

Marquis Coat button, taking the color of both garment materials
Sometimes the slightest detail can matter most into distinguishing what the most proper finish would be, especially when the design is already obtrusive in its own whereas adding even more to it would be less favorable as to searching a way of combining the currently present elements within needed trimming, which is why I am feeling utmost delighted to have found this little button showing rough matted edges around a polished glossy center, perfectly mimicking shading and shine of both the coat’s velvet base and cashmere pieces, forging an intelligible connection in fastening the garment’s central gilet-closure.

Ferrous Buttons

Through the past few years I managed to gather a modest collection of metal buttons ranging from explicitly classical to rather industrial in semblance, with hopes of implementing some of these into the 2012 outfits.

metal, iron, silver buttons

Vampiric Ensembles

Delineating the outfit conceptuals for a forthcoming dark-themed ball, combining my creations into original interpretations for the vampire, both having to work well for strolling as for dancing throughout the night.

top-hat, shirt, gilet, gothic capeThe primary, forms an archetypal vampire’s outfit, high on excesses with wool trousers, a satin shirt, velvet vest and bracers, a silk tied scarf, red hair, a fur covered top-hat, smothered by a chain-draped gothic cape.

blouse, leggings, bootcover, plushies, feather collar, bracelets and crownThe secondary, depicts a more modernistic approach, limiting to fashion essentials with a velveteen blouse, fur-covered leggings, ostrich feather collar, cuffs and crown, to be engaged in a wide velvet/cashmere coat.

Resilient Support

Added support piece to hold a second array of closing hooks.Sewing support fixed in between fabric and lining.

Sewing in a strap of stretch fabric as an underlying layer for the Rider Vest to hold a second set of closure hooks, to be placed in between the, with the fold-lines conjoining, primary set of hooks, thus contra-pulling during movement, flexibly containing the gaps, making sure the vest stays leveled all throughout the night.

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