Vampiric Ensembles

Delineating the outfit conceptuals for a forthcoming dark-themed ball, combining my creations into original interpretations for the vampire, both having to work well for strolling as for dancing throughout the night.

top-hat, shirt, gilet, gothic capeThe primary, forms an archetypal vampire’s outfit, high on excesses with wool trousers, a satin shirt, velvet vest and bracers, a silk tied scarf, red hair, a fur covered top-hat, smothered by a chain-draped gothic cape.

blouse, leggings, bootcover, plushies, feather collar, bracelets and crownThe secondary, depicts a more modernistic approach, limiting to fashion essentials with a velveteen blouse, fur-covered leggings, ostrich feather collar, cuffs and crown, to be engaged in a wide velvet/cashmere coat.


  1. These outfits are amazing! Can’t wait to see pictures when they’re ready.

  2. These outfits conceptuals are also visible examples of the differences between the primary and secondary design lines.

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