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Easy Extensions

A nice selection of dark plum colored clip-ins to be used as quick on the day alterations to my own hair, with straight, curly, reinforced and clamped variants as well as a set of untouched strands to be styled by myself.


Opulent Trimmings

Unboxing a shipment of carefully selected high-end trimmings; some of which needed for ongoing projects, some to upgrade older ones, some because they’re always useful and some to inspire whole new take-ons.


Grey Wools

The for an upcoming project acquired wool fabrics: two that go splendidly well together in shade, texture and composition yet show off a clear contrast; a thin and ridgit light grey and a deep warm supple charcoal.


Important Delivery

Unpacking a courier-delivered parcel with very special contents: the long anticipated logo pendant and a set of skull-shaped earrings; both marvelous pieces of jewelry that arrived just in time for Coalescaremonium.

Deadlyfun ear-hangers and The Opus Cross in their boxes

Beautiful Purchase

Seeing a lot of my latest efforts channeled into the Coalescaremonium project leaving dire little time for the completion of the upcoming WGT’s outfits, I find myself taking on the role of stylist rather than designer, by buying available items and re-working them into my own, instead of tackling aspired designs from scratch.

Gothic Neck-ruffles bought from Etsy

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