Compound Closures



With only a short bit of center front to work with, the window-cut cape requires a specialised and preferably invisible closing method, engaging in this execution a strong zipper; worked, hidden under the trimline, into the standing half of the cape’s majestic collar, plus a set of large scale hooks that brim the underside of the falling half and bring the construction to a seamless close while the zipper supports all of the cape’s weight.

The Aristocrat Shawl



Presenting a jabot construction of full adjustable elegance contrived by using my most beautifully sculptured ring as a sliding mechanism to contain the massively gathered silk chiffon fabric that fills out this frilly choker with a lavishly thick, yet airily light drop; providing stern contrast between black ruff and silver dragon skull.

Spikey Growings


OpusRelinqueConcepts-2013-10-27With the second Coalescaremonium edition needing a slightly botany-inspired look to its theme, a way of making dark rose branch vectors was devised that could provide the website, flyers, artist-pictures and videos with these Gothic crawlers that that can hug and curl around objects in the fore- or background.

The result makes for a very recognisable effect that will work on all plausible resolutions and might even get some touchable forms during the event itself.

For more info on Coalescaremonium, be sure to have a look at

Easy Extensions


A nice selection of dark plum colored clip-ins to be used as quick on the day alterations to my own hair, with straight, curly, reinforced and clamped variants as well as a set of untouched strands to be styled by myself.


Puzzling Panel



When trying to make maximal use of the little material remaining, dividing the front panel into a conundrum of pieces became the only option; joining leather frame with silk underground to create a natural resource combination that makes mistakes of any kind non-permissible and clarity in marking twice as important.


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