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Finished Armhole

Including lining into the armhole seam without visible allowances.Gothic patchwork construction in silk layered blouse.
The blouse’s armhole: meeting-point of sleeve and body, also needed to capture part of the collar and hold the earlierly hemmed lining, for which was opted to unite all those layers in a single seam and encapsulate their allowances with a hand-sewn bias border as a neat and simple way of finishing this conclusive joining.


making shoulderguards out of padding

Prototyping to find the desired shape..

combining multiple shoulder pads into a big construction

..adding sufficient material to carry it..


Using the availables to mold the non-evident, yet neither far-fethched structure of the shoulder-construction straight onto myself, looking to deduce fitting sewing patterns whilst gaining padding to further incorporate.

Cutting shoulderpads to shape

..cutting and securing the final form..

gaining sewing patterns from a threedimensional shape

..and trying to obtain patterns from it.


Logo Revealed

Opus Relinque logoToday, I am proud to present my very own trademark to brand my creations: the corporate logo for Opus Relinque, which will soon be gracing the website’s header and intercommunication.

Originating from a simple, but dextrous sketch, the logo shows a graphicalized depiction of the Opus Cross that symbolizes its three-dimensional structure in a multi-part shape, flanked by a stylized render of the website initials, which are deconstructed into sets of cerulean pillars, forming a recognizable as well as discernible emblem that represents my works and aspirations.

Impossible Pursuance

Having subjugated a plethora of difficult searches in the past, never could I have predicted the complications in finding such seemingly simple objects as those needed for finishing the shoulder-construction on the new leather ensemble, two obviously existent but virtually (in a multitude of languages) un-findable items, which were eventually tracked down, albeit not in time for the WGT, where an on-the-spot solution was contrived.

Very rare 8mm elastic and 8mm silver slider clasps

It’s Gathering Time

Gathering sleeve on blue satin gothic man's shirt. Before the blue blouse can be assembled, its pieces need to receive their gathering, which for both body and sleeve parts occurs within the hemline, above the top-seam and at the piece’s middle for tailoring.

In order to obtain an even and fluid flux of fabric, all gathering is done by hand in a technique comprising of sewing in sets of two lines of equal-sized stitches (the combination of which ensures the material will continuously stay in place) which’ threads are gently pulled outwards, both ends at the same time, sliding and redividing wavy ruffles over the remaining width until the ideal pattern measurements are reached.

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