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Xelorian-Arts Shoot

This years WGT, the unexpectedly high sun made us depart our original shooting location towards the older contours of the city, which produced some intriguing depictions of my delicate works over three photo sets.

Augustusplatz Area Shoot - Leipzig, 24 May 2012
Gothic RPG armored outfitEdge fantasy J-goth settingNeko wasteland harajuku fashiontestFuturo-gothic armor fashionLARP space knight armorsilk gothic pleated boy\'s shirtElegant Gothic and Harajuku Gothic fashion for mengreen haired j-goth fashionPhotos by Alexander Talmann, © Xelorian Arts 2012, all rights reserved.

Medieval Ravers

Gothic Medieval Bondage dance outfit with collared capeline
Gothic Horned Fantasy dance outfit with leather gloves
Cyber Gothic Fantasy Dance Outfit with mask and glowticks
Cybergothic mittelalter glowstick furry rave outfit.

A small series of photographs displaying Monday’s Outfits, re-tuned for celebrating the last long WGT night, honouring the feudal bastille‘s harsh dancefloor atmosphere through a matching equilibrium in fashionwear.

Scarlet Cape Sketch

Introducing the fantasy-inspired floor-length cape contrived by combining four wide-angle pieces of velvet scarlet, individually weighted down by a heftily interfaced border perpetuating the heaviest drape-like drop.
The Scarlet Cape Sketch
However more distinctive is the compressed capeline gracing the upper shoulder-line, constructed by combining narrow concentric pieces forming the neckline to reach back out, high up into the epitome vampire’s collar, maintained by garnished bronze clasps distinguishing the garment together with the burnished rings being confined by peripheral bonds encapsulating the capeline’s edges, holding on to a shackling of divergent bindings trailing frontwards while gently restraining the cape’s flanks’ flow.

As an extra idiosyncratic facet, the cape’s large masses may be shed off, leaving the capeline to allowing its bindings their full fall onto accentuating a tailored torso, enabling full freedom of bodily movement whilst continuing to uphold the same draconian shade in senseless manifestation.

The Rider Vest

Rider Vest sketchWhether it is accompanying the previously made basque or becoming a standalone piece in a greater project, this short vest is to continue the streamlined design of rising seams creating a cascading hemline, repeated by intermittent cross-thread layers.

The result, personalized with a shoulder-construction analogues to the Floorvest‘s, ought to be compatible with a multitude of styles, as well as easily augmentable with future additions.

Sunday’s Primary Outfit

Sunday’s primary outfit brought my own items together with some very enamoring pieces I purchased over the years.

Sunday's Primary Outfit

Starring a floor-length leather coat, built around a twelve-piece, with rings and straps decorated, bodice, enabling fitting snugly while producing a massive broadness falling down the legs, instantly setting the overall appearance of the outfit, maintained by the likewise decorated three-piece tailored sleeves rounded off in a point covering the lower hand; this coat is worn open, restrained only by a central closure-chain exposing a mere strip of skin.
The undergarments continue the trend by being limited to a set of wide leather pants and elbow-length button-closed gloves, only visible through the subtle opening of the coat, yet enough for allowing vision of the bare chest to reach up to the throat where the coat’s standing neck-tie connects the ferocious grey-fur collar covering most of the upper chest and shoulders.
Topped off by a most enchantingly forged crown, dispersing a fragmented mirror glow, reflected by the glossed-plate girdle and majestic pair of silver rings, the outfit’s condensed appearance is reimbursed by the headpiece elevating beset the already confrontative ivory horns whilst retaining the voluptuous blue shaded hair to reveal large portions of the face, imbued with dark-blue shades delineating the deep purple eyes.


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