The content provided on this blog is limited towards the creation, technical aspects and motivations behind my designs in order to make Opus Relinque a tesimonial of my work as an artist; with following directings offering a means to look further into the results of my efforts, my sources and inspirations, my person and persona, my treasured belongings, my surroundings, and content that did not make it onto this platform.

Opus Relinque Facebook : Post excerpts and unshown content
Discipulus' Facebook: Artist page with event snapshots and photographs
Opus Relinque Youtube: Channel hosting the 'Reminiscence' videos

Coalescaremonium: Halfyearly Gothic happening in Brussels, Beglium

Ornamentum Ex Medio: Silver jewelry design
Boucké Costume Design: Exclusive Top Hats

Voluptas Design: Costume design and phototgraphy
Xelorian Arts: Event and festival photographer


Highly appreciative of your indulgence,

Gothic Artist, Keeper of Opus Relinque