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Feathered Accessories

Feather wrist-cuffs bracelets sketch.
Feather choker collar necktie sketch.
Feather princess crown sketch.
Gothic burlesque ostrich feather choker-collar, princess crown and wristcuff bracelets. Sewing pattern for V-lined feather collar.
Sewing Pattern for feathered bracelets
Sewing Pattern for gothic princess crown.

Depicting a two day job of exercising high couture techniques onto the simplest of patterns; this new PDF- tutorial shows how to use pre-bound feather-trim for turning leftover bits of fabric into a set of noteworthy accessories; delivering a V-lined choker collar, reversible wrist-cuffs and a matching little princess crown.

  Download detailed instructions (PDF) | Detail-post on feather-sewing                                                                                                

Laced Bio Mask

test leather cyber gothic mask sewing pattern test

This industrial-looking mouth-mask is designed to perfectly take on the facial shape, covering nose to chin, ear to ear, delicately delineating the eye contour while endowed with elastic loops for easy mounting and laced seams for venting, allowing the wearer to look killer while being comfortable all throughout the night.

  Download detailed instructions (PDF)                                                                                                

Wrist Guards

Wrist Guards: Pattern Piece 1 and Puncture Guide Leather Wrist Guards Wrist Guards: Pattern Pieces 2 and 3

The Wrist Guards are mid-arm bracers that extend to cover the lower part of the hand without singling out the thumb, supporting secure grasp and full freedom of movement by curving along the hand-palm towards the inner underarm where they connect into an elastic lacing providing easy mounting and closing purposes.

  Download detailed instructions (PDF)                                                                                                

Fur Collar

Fur Collar Pattern: Pieces 1 and 2 Fur Collar Fur Collar: Patterns Pieces 3 and 4.

With the recent up-rise in traffic it seemed befitting to work this two-days faux-fur project into a second PDF share, revealing that even though the coverage on this seven-pieced collar is a lot more extensive compared to the previous tutorial, its actual construction will prove quite a bit less complicated than it may appear.

  Download detailed instructions (PDF)                                                                                                

Gothic Pocket

Gothic Pocket: Pattern Piece 1 Gothic Pocket Gothic Pocket: Pattern Piece 2

As a token of appreciation towards my readers I would like to have this post introduce the newest category by being the first full-fledged tutorial, delivering home-printable patterns with in-depth sewing directions sharing my design for a sew-on pocket capable of turning any garment into something outspokenly darker.

  Download detailed instructions (PDF)